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  • Misty Hughes

How to Respond Rightly To The Wild Waves Of Life

I can be hot-headed. I am 1/2 Puerto Rican and I have the amazing ability to wear my emotions on the outside. Even when I am not aware of my emotions, others see them on my face and hear them in my tone of voice.

As a wise woman, leader, and woman of God, I have longed to learn to respond rightly to God and others. I had a lot of opportunities for growth as a single mother with 4 children.

More recently, my training ground has been my marriage. You don't have much of an opportunity to hide when you live with someone 24/7. So, I'm growing again.

Fortunately for me, we have been planted in a warm, sunny spot as my roots take a deep dive into truth. I've had the wind and the waves to teach me some things about learning to respond in life-giving ways.

We've been at the beach for the month of February (a bucket list objective of my husband's that has become a bucket list item for next year we have to do it again so I can check it off of my bucket list). During our time, I have enjoyed watching the waves and learning from them on a daily basis. I have had time to listen to the waves, wonder at the waves, and even play in the waves.

I love the CONSISTENCY of the waves.

I know that no matter what time of the day I venture out to the beach, the waves will be rolling in.

They come consistently,

never ceasing,

never stopping.

They continue whether I am there or not. They crash against the sandy shore faithfully.

Their presence is not determined by my faithfulness to show up.

Like the continual consistency of the waves, the presence of God rolls in.

His kindness | His goodness | His compassion | His leadership

None of it is contingent on my presence or even my response.

He keeps coming.

He keeps showing up.

Day after day, year after year, He keeps showing Himself to me, sometimes crashing against me, taking me by surprise; other times gently wooing me, quietly calling me out to the depths.

How I respond to that voice, to His calling, is up to me.

I’ve been watching as others respond to the call of the waves - and I have experienced my own responses. I know we have options in how we respond.

Here is what I have learned about responding rightly to the Father's Faithfulness (no matter how it comes).

Response 1

You sit back, pondering and analyzing the waves. You search for understanding as to where they originate, why they express themselves in various ways, and the effects of each wave on the sand and shore.

You may contemplate the mystery of the waves and develop an awe and appreciation for the power of the energy they carry. But you are satisfied to sit and watch and wonder.

Response 2

You walk or sit along the edge of the waves - where they meet the shore. You might dare to get your feet wet. You are cautious, hoping they don’t splash up and get your clothes wet. You enjoy sinking your toes in the sand and the foamy sensation that is left on your feet as the waves roll back to sea. You value and appreciate the sound and the sensation but remain on the fringes.

Response 3

You have a childlike fascination with the rolling waves. When they are big and noisy, you might feel anxious or even fearful. You enjoy playing in the sand close to the water's edge, but far enough away to feel safe. You laugh as you let the waves chase you. Sometimes they tickle your feet and you feel delight.

Response 4

You see the waves from a distance. You cannot wait to be one with the water. Immediately you take off your shoes and jump into the waves, not caring about anything else. You only want to experience the exhilaration of their force. You dive in with zeal and enthusiasm. You seem oblivious to anything that might be a risk. You just long to be in the waves, playing and celebrating the wonderment of it all.

Response 5

You ride the wave. You swim out to meet the wave and wait patiently for the right one that was made for you. Because of practice, patience, diligence, and hard work, you can capture the force of the wave and ride it.

This takes time, skill, a healthy respect for the waves, agility and strength. Riding the waves takes physical skill as well as mental ability. It is not for the faint of heart.

Which of these responses might best describe you?

As I look to those who are using the waves as a force to take them somewhere, I find that’s who I want to be.

I want to grow into the woman who knows how to expertly ride the waves of life.

I want to be like Jesus and have the ability to rest, even when the waves are overtaking the boat.

I know it takes time to develop the skill, the faith, the strength, and the wisdom to ride the waves, but it looks like unimaginable fun and freeing. (You can read another blog about learning to navigate the storms of life)

So, day by day, I set my heart to grow and develop in wisdom and understanding. I build resilience in my mental and emotional well-being, I learn from those who have gone before me. I strengthen myself by the watering of the word, and someday, I will ride the waves of the wind of the spirit.

If you would like support as you develop and GROW into the wonderful Lead-Her God has created you to be, schedule a GET TO KNOW YOU CALL with me today. We can explore the vision of who God created you to be and determine what resources might be helpful to take your roots down deeper into the knowledge of His love. So that YOU might LIVE, LEAD, AND LOVE from a well-spring of abundance.

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