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The Transformed Mom Gratitude Cohort

A 6-Week Transformational Adventure for Busy Christian Moms

​Hey, Marvelous Mom,

Do you find yourself:

  • Juggling endless tasks,

  • Worrying about tomorrow, 

  • Navigating the challenges of daily life,

  • Struggling with a good attitude about it all? 

  • Wishing your kids would stop arguing but at a loss as to how to change anything?


Being a Christian mom is a high calling, but it’s not without its struggles. The stress, the exhaustion, the constant feeling of not doing enough—it’s all too familiar.

There IS a way to become more buoyant?


You CAN hold the key to keep your heart alive?


ARE YOU READY to discover the glue that would help hold it all together? 

Each cohort is limited to 6 attendees, so secure your spot TODAY! Next cohort coming soon.


Next 6 Weeks

Week 1 — 

Week 2 —

Week 3 —

Week 4 —

Week 5 —

Week 6 —

Join Now and Get…

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Each week, participate in a live Zoom call with 6 women who are dedicated to the journey of growth. These will be interactive coaching calls where you will develop your personal joy-filled gratitude journey.

A 30-Day Gratitude Journal

Strengthen your gratitude muscle with a three-part guide. Each day, enjoy spending 2–20 minutes exercising intentional gratitude, and watch the transformation take place.

Resources & Support

Join the PRIVATE Facebook group for regular encouragement and challenges, including random acts of kindness ideas. Be equipped with weekly video tutorials on Gratitude Intervention. 

Transformed Mom


6-Week Gratitude Cohort

Facilitated by Misty Hughes,
your gratitude guide and celebration coach
Transform your life, your home, and relationships through gratitude

Join the waitlist today!

Each cohort will meet on Tuesdays, beginning April 30, 2024

Still unsure? Reach out for a 30-minute call to ask your questions. 

Schedule a 30-minute coffee chat with Misty to get the answers to your burning questions.

Thanks for reaching out!

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