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Individual Coaching Packages


My Approach

As your coach, I journey with you to help discover the powerful Lead-Her Within. I serve as a partner for you as you explore and discover your inner beauty.



  • You may find aspects of the LEAD-HER process that make you uncomfortable. You may discover other elements in the journey to which you have denied expression because of pain, trauma, or neglect. You may uncover other facets of the LEAD-HER process that need to be defined and refined. And there may be parts that you don't yet LOVE, but because this represents a journey about discovery, you will recognize that you are 'all-together lovely,' as awesome as an army with banners, and have the freedom to explore and expand who you know yourself to be.

  • With me as your coach, you will find safety and freedom without judgment to discover, explore, and make mistakes, as you learn to RELEASE the LEAD-HER WITHIN. 

  • On this journey, you will dare to dream (out loud). You may discover a fountain of endless dreams flowing out of you, some as high as the sky, some floating away before you can capture them, some bringing tears, as your aspirations are validated or realized for the first time.

With me as your coach, you will uncover these dreams from their hiding places in your life, discover which are yours to keep and develop, and learn to love them, watching them transform into reality.


6 Coaching Sessions

In the DISCOVER stage of coaching, as your Strengths Champion Certified Coach®, Misty will help you discover

  • your personal values and strengths...

  • what matters most...

  • ways to align your life in a way that empowers you to

LIVE, LEAD, AND LOVE from a wellspring of abundance.

Discover & Define 
12 Coaching Sessions

This package includes everything from the DISCOVER Package PLUS 6-Sessions where you will work with Misty to DEFINE: 

  • Limiting beliefs and mindsets,

  • Obstacles (outward and inward), 

  • Opportunities to live from a wellspring of abundance...


Develop Your Strengths 
3 Coaching Sessions

Take a deep dive into your top 5 Strengths and see how they are currently being lived out in your life.

Understand how your Strengths may be tripping you up. Raw VS Refined

Build your personalized game plan for mastering your Strengths.

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