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  • Misty Hughes

Saying Yes To Your Brave Desires: An Open Door To Growth

Stan Lipschitz had it pegged on SUITS when he said, “Louis, one of the foundational aspects of your faith is FAMILY.” Oh, Dr. Lipschitz, you're singing my song!

Family is my jam, through and through.

I love my kids fiercely. Being surrounded by my family fills me with joy, and above all, I want them to know that I am for them.

Now, I'll be the first to admit I'm not always great at this family stuff, but hey, I like to think I've got a bit of God's heart. I mean, more than anything, He wants his children to know how wide, how deep, how long, and how strong His love is. But He's perfect at loving…I’m not, I'm a work in progress.

Tell Me What You Want...What You Really, Really Want

So, when Craig, my darling hubby (he gets mentioned a lot), asked me what I truly desired for my 60th celebration, my answer was simple: FAMILY. I just wanted to gather with my kids and their significant others to revel in the beauty of life and celebrate how far we've all come in the last five years.

But alas, there was a hitch. We hadn't been together since what we now affectionately call "That Fateful Night In November" of 2019. The ache of longing for this family reunion was real, yet the possibility seemed distant, and I found myself shedding tears of frustration. I was trying to be such a brave soul in admitting what I wanted, but it hurt to realize I had no control over making it happen.

Brave Desires

Ever been in that spot?

Do you ever find yourself struggling with feelings of guilt when it comes to your deepest desires?

You may have spent a lifetime serving others, and grappling with the question, "What do you REALLY WANT?" can feel unsettling. It might even stir up feelings of guilt like you're veering off the path of selflessness. Whether it's a career goal, a personal dream, or a desire for a fulfilling relationship, it can be challenging to reconcile your desires with your sense of spirituality.

Then you muster the courage to voice your deepest desires, only to realize you're powerless to make them happen?

It's a vulnerable place, fraught with emotion.

But here's the kicker: even Jesus, in his most dire moment, expressed his desires to the Father.

In John 17:26, facing imminent suffering and brutal death, Jesus didn't hold back.

If you lean into this conversation, you can almost hear the Father ask, “Son, what do you want more than anything in the world? Ask of me…I’ll give you the nations for your inheritance.” (Psalm 2:8)

And you know what…Jesus answers. He says, "FAMILY."


Jesus the Son asks the Father for us to be with him,

to experience the love he shared with the Father.


Open Door To Growth

So, maybe it's okay to wrestle with our desires, to explore what truly matters to us. And guess what? You can embark on that journey right here, right now, alongside me.

  • Pause for a moment and ask yourself, "What do I really want?" Keep it open-ended. Don't overthink it; just let your heart speak.

Chances are, your desire will open doors to growth. Mine certainly did. I yearned for something beyond my control, and in that longing, I found areas where patience and restraint were lessons I needed to learn.

This Momma's Dilemma

Now, as a mom, I sometimes find it difficult to let my kids navigate their own relationships. I've had to exercise restraint on more than one occasion. I've had many opportunities to choose to BE PRESENT and not worry about the tomorrows. Practicing restraint has helped me listen more deeply, and love more genuinely. It's been FREEING for my relationships with my kids. I've held back and allowed them to lead discussions. I've actually given them space to work things out in their own timing and on their own terms.

But let's be real, there have been those times when I've wanted to swoop in and fix things. Are you with me?

My recent birthday debacle was the perfect opportunity for me to come out of hiding and make things happen. I tried a few subtle things to ensure that my kids would work things out so I could have my birthday wish. But it soon became clear that my plans would not unfold the way I imagined; in fact, things got worse.

Divine Intervention

Then, just when I least expected it, divine intervention came knocking. A quick Zoom call revealed that my dream of a family gathering was about to come true. God, in his mysterious ways, had been working behind the scenes all along. He was doing the 'beyond what I could imagine' stuff and taking the ashes to create something beautiful.


As I prepare to enter a new decade, surrounded by those I love most, I'm reminded that sometimes, our deepest desires have a way of coming to fruition when we least expect them.

So, My Marvelous Mom,

  1. Take that thing you were brave enough to acknowledge.

  2. Let God do His work in you as you watch and wait.

  3. Let Him strengthen you in areas you may not want to be strengthened.

  4. Find joy in the opportunities He offers you, and

  5. Hold onto all of those momma hats because our God is up to something good. He always is.

And remember, I'm here to support you on your own BRAVE JOURNEY. Just reach out for a Getting To Know You Call, and let's DISCOVER TOGETHER what those Brave Desires are that are ready to be brought out in the open.

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