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Hello My Lovely Lead-Her,

I'm Misty Hughes, your supportive guide on the path to empowerment and leadership.

As your Gratitude Guide, Celebration Coach, EmpowerHer Leadership Guide, and Mom Mentor, I find immense joy in assisting busy Christian working moms like yourself in DISCOVERING, DEFINING, DEVELOPING, and CELEBRATING the leader within.

I firmly believe that every woman possesses the capability, calling, and divine purpose for leadership. Whether navigating the daily responsibilities of self-leadership or intentionally leading our families, we are all leaders in our own right, whether in our communities or within the corporate realm.

I am committed to partnering with you on this transformative journey.


Together, we will uncover your unique strengths, identify ways to align with your core values, and create a roadmap that leads you toward your desired future.

Please don't hesitate to reach out and schedule your complimentary Getting To Know You Call.

Warm regards, Misty

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Meet Misty Hughes: Your EmpowerHer Leadership Guide

As a gifted speaker, writer, workshop leader, and certified women’s life/leadership coach, Misty Hughes is your go-to source for empowerment and education. With over 20 years of experience, she is passionate about helping women DISCOVER, DEFINE, and DEVELOP the leader within themselves.

About Misty:

After successfully leading a non-profit that touched the lives of thousands of single mothers worldwide, Misty brings her wealth of expertise, wisdom, and practical life experience to women globally through Lead-Her Ministries, LLC.


Misty’s enthusiasm for life is nothing short of contagious. A lover of living out loud, she's always on the lookout for her next great adventure. In the era 'BC' (before Covid), her primary focus was launching her four wonderful kids into their future. Now, embracing her roles as a wife, stepmom of adult kids, grandma, and business owner, Misty exudes an 'overflowing cup' philosophy. Her commitment to others radiates sparkle, hope, and a touch of glitter into every conversation and relationship.

Why Misty?

As your EmpowerHer Leadership Coach, Misty is here to guide you through self-discovery, leadership development, and celebration. Her goal is to empower you to live with purpose and lead with joy.

Invite Misty:

Misty is available to speak to your women’s group, be a part of your next retreat, or conduct one of her dynamic workshops for your organization. To learn more or schedule a call with Misty, reach out via email at

Ready to embark on your EmpowerHer Leadership journey with Misty? Let's make the magic happen!


Contact Misty

Are you ready to start living your dream? Let's connect.

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