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I'm Misty Hughes. My greatest joy in life is to empower and educate women who earnestly desire to DISCOVER, DEFINE, and DEVELOP the leader within. I believe that every woman is called and created for leadership. As your Life/Leadership Coach I will assist you in discovering your strengths and values defining life-giving ways to express those values, and developing a road map to take you into your desired future. Through my workshops and speaking engagements I equip women to develop in self-leadership, mature as a leader of her family, and excel in her other spheres of influence.

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About Misty

As a gifted speaker, writer, workshop leader, and certified women’s life/leadership coach, Misty Hughes empowers and educates women to develop their strengths as Lead-Hers. Misty provides over 20 years of experience teaching and training women to DISCOVER, DEFINE, AND DEVELOP the leader within. After building a successful non-profit that ministered to thousands of single mothers across the nation and world, Misty now brings her expertise, wisdom, and practical life experience to serve women globally through Lead-Her Ministries, LLC. 


Misty’s enthusiasm for life is contagious. She loves to live out loud, always seeking her next great adventure. BC (before Covid), Misty’s greatest life endeavor focused on launching her four wonderful kids into their future. Misty now embraces her life roles as wife, stepmom of adult kids, grandma, and business owner. Misty loves to engage life and the people around her with an ‘overflowing cup’. Her commitment to others radiates sparkle, hope, and a little glitter into each conversation and relationship.

Misty is available to speak to your women’s group, at your next retreat, or conduct one of her ½ workshops to your group or organization. To request a call with Misty to learn more, email her at


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