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  • Misty Hughes

What To Do When The Bridge Is Out

Have you ever had to take a detour because the bridge is out?

Frustration can easily sweep in, especially if you were not prepared. When the bridge is out, we typically have to change our course of direction. Traffic is often backed up which adds to the frustration.

What do you do when the bridge is out in life?

How do you respond?

Recently, my husband and I visited the Panhandle of Florida for vacation. We had joyful expectations of meandering bike rides along a smooth flat trail down the beach-line, visiting the towns along the way.

Unfortunately, when we went to rent the bikes, we found ‘THE BRIDGE IS OUT’, which meant we had to explore other options.

  1. We could forget riding and just drive everywhere.

  2. We could ride the short portion leading up to the bridge for enjoyment, ride back, then drive AROUND.

    1. Unfortunately, this would leave us without bikes on the other side of the trail and we would just have the car.

  3. We could take a short trek through the woods. (We were told there was a trail that bikes were able to use.)

We opted for door #3. This offered us other opportunities to explore the ‘off the beaten path’ side of the area. We determined to make it an adventure and take our bikes through a wooded trail that the rental agent assured us was doable. Of course, we did not take into account that he was a 20-something young man who rode bikes, surfed, and exercised in his sleep.

But we decided to view this as an OPPORTUNITY,

not an obstacle;

We said, “YES, let’s do it.”

As we ventured into the sandy, wooded area I led the way, thinking the trail would be short-lived (like it looked on the map). Around each bend a new opportunity to overcome presented itself. These opportunities included

  • Navigating root systems,

  • Dodging through a brush covered trail,

  • Crossing bumpy bridges,

  • Trekking through mud,

  • Sliding in sand,

  • And eventually passing other bikers who were equipped and enjoying the tumultuous ride.

I realized we had gotten more than we bargained for.

When we finally emerged, adrenaline surging, I had the GREAT JOY of knowing “We had done it.”

As I was maneuvering my bike around the branches, bends, and barricades, I realized I had been preparing for this big adventure for months without even knowing it.

A few years ago, I started working out and have gradually increased my strength and flexibility. I started this journey because I have a deep desire to be able to get down on the floor and play with grandchildren as I age.

Little did I know

  • I was in training for a big adventure.

  • I had developed the strength to maneuver a bike over roots and rocks, through sand and streams.

  • I had built cardio strength so I could keep up with my husband.

  • God had been preparing me to face this challenge with a mindset of perseverance.

As I reflect back on that major life accomplishment, I wonder how often I have come up to a road-block in life? I think about how many times have I have had an expectation for a smooth and enjoyable journey and planned accordingly, only to find “The Bridge Is Out”.

AND I consider how many times have these obstacles have caused me to stop, or to take the easy way out and miss some wonderful opportunities to see what I’m actually capable of?

Sadness sweeps over me as I consider missed opportunities to overcome, to accomplish something bigger than myself.

In fact, as I ponder these things, I wonder how many obstacles, road-blocks, and adventures God has put before me to reveal to me how He has been working, growing, strengthening, and developing my spiritual muscles. I wonder how many times I have attributed something to the devil when God has just been trying to show me something else and I’ve missed the opportunity because all I have seen is the obstacle.

I want to be the kind of woman who embraces every opportunity for growth and adventure.

I want to live a life of “YES, let’s do it.”

As a Women’s Life/Leadership coach, I love helping women gain new perspective as they seek to overcome obstacles, get unstuck, or discover life’s great adventure. I love to encourage women to go on the great adventure of life and see the obstacles as opportunities.

  • Perhaps you are in the midst of trying to find an alternative route and nothing looks doable.

  • Perhaps you have gone around the same mountain, been stuck in the same rut for years and you want to get off the beaten path and find a new way that is life-giving.

  • Perhaps you took a new path and feel alone, lost, and are beaten down.

  • Perhaps you want to build your endurance so you are prepared when the opportunity presents itself.

  • Perhaps you are ready to discover what you are created for

NO MATTER what the reason is, coaching can help you become all you dreamed of, overcome all that stands in your ways, explore new opportunities, and help you know you are not alone.

Coaching can empower you to get back on that bike,

build the mental, spiritual, and physical muscles needed to run the race before you.

Coaching works.

Where is the bridge out in your life? How are you responding to the necessary detour?

LET’S GO on this great adventure to discover what God has been preparing you for.

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