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  • Misty Hughes

Magically Clean The Mess-Ups of Life

Have you tried that amazing product called the MAGIC ERASER?

It has the power to get crayon marks off walls, grease from the stovetop, soap scum from the tub, grape juice (aka wine) from the countertop, rust stains and SO MUCH MORE.

It’s like MAGIC.

I remember when this product was first introduced. I was skeptical and didn’t try it for YEARS.

Other moms would share about the wonders of the Magic Eraser, but I stuck to my old-school ways of scouring, scrubbing, and a lot of elbow grease. But when the scuff marks on the baseboards and fingerprints on the walls became too much for me to keep up with, I broke down and tried it.


I started using it for all of life’s spots and spills. It was so easy.

I wanted this MAGIC ERASER for all of life’s mess-ups.

Wouldn’t it be FANTASTIC to magically erase all of the

grease, crayon scribbles, scum, spills, mud and mess-ups from life?

Funny thing is, I had my own personal Magic Eraser for life, but for whatever reason, I had always been skeptical about using it.

I would ask myself questions like,

  • “Does it REALLY work?”

  • “Is it for me?”

  • “Could I even afford it?”

Then I'd convince myself it was not for me and I couldn’t afford it.


See, I’ve had a lot of mess-ups in life. I raised 4 kids and MESSED UP AS MOM EVERY SINGLE DAY, some worse than others. I’ve messed up with business, friendships, marriage.

In years past, I have even called myself ONE BIG MESS-UP.

One fateful night after an exhausting day of failure, unable to sleep because of the mess-ups, I gave up on trying to clean everything up with elbow grease. I couldn’t keep up with the messes I was making any longer. I couldn’t fix it or make things right. I wanted a Magic Eraser for my life.

In this place of complete exhaustion and utter despair, I sensed a soft whisper drifting over my aching heart, “My grace is sufficient for you." I had a sense that I was being offered a gift again. The question was…was I depleted enough to just give it a try?

Was I fed up with not being able to keep up with the grease, grime, dirty fingerprints, and scuff marks of life? I said I wanted it, I desperately needed it, but would I say YES?

Honestly, I felt it was a matter of survival. I was at the end of my own strength. I desperately needed this Magic Eraser that was being handed to me.

The Magic Eraser called GRACE.

No, I couldn’t afford this gift, but it had already been paid for.

No, I didn’t deserve this gift…that’s why it's called a gift.

Yes, I was tired of being skeptical about this gift, but I had nowhere else to go.

This gift of grace has become my resting place because you know what, I’m not perfect, I mess up, and I need this Magic Eraser. It cleans up all of my scuffs, scum, mildew, mold, and mess-ups of life.

But having and holding the gift would do me no good if I didn’t know how to use it.

I had to learn how to access this gift of grace and yield its super power.

I knew there was a journey before me, mindsets to altar, skills to develop. I've been on that journey for over 30 years now.

I’ve learned to lean into a process of applying the power of grace to my life so that I can live in grace and freely give it to others.


You don’t have to keep wearing yourself out by scrubbing and scouring in your own strength.

If you find you struggle with emotional and mental resiliency, bouncing back from the mess-ups, perhaps working with a coach and developing some new lifestyle rhythms can help strengthen and support your journey.

You can learn to fall into the resting place of grace.

I'd love to support you on your journey.

Give me a SHOUT or a tap on the shoulder, and let's talk.

OH, and join me NEXT WEEK on the blog. I will share 5-Simple Steps to learn to apply grace to all of your mess-ups of life.

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