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  • Misty Hughes

4 Benefits of Knowing Your Core Values

Back in my rambunctious days of high school, my friend Renee and I ventured out on our own to Indianapolis, IN. Coming from a small, southern Indiana town, it was a BIG DEAL to be entrusted to travel to the big city alone. I was assigned the job of navigating (pre-GPS days). Indy was pretty easy to navigate with I-465 Loop. A part of our excursion included eating at the popular and iconic Paramount Palace. Somehow, my navigating skills took a hiatus, and after realizing we kept passing some of the same places, we realized we drove the loop of I-465 TWO TIMES and had missed the exit!

Old photo of Paramount Music Palace in Indianapolis
Paramount Music Palace

Before the days of a GPS, this kind of scenario happened to me often. I am so thankful that now, I can plug in the destination, and voilà, magically, I am given the shortest route to get from point A to point B. I’m even warned of road hazards, heavy traffic, and slower drive times.

If only I could have a magical GPS to direct the steps of my life.

  • I’d accomplish so much if I could plug in my destination and have the quickest route dictated to me.

  • I would have confidence that if I did miss a turn or there was a hazard up ahead, I would be redirected.

  • I wouldn’t be afraid to take the necessary steps because my life-GPS would tell me where I needed to go.

Well, I have GOOD NEWS.

We actually do have some guiding markers to help direct our steps and keep us on track if we pay attention to them.

I know you are asking, “MISTY, tell me what these magical markers are; how much they cost; where I can find them?”

Well, my Lovely Lead-Her,

They are FREE,

You must spend some time searching them out and becoming familiar with them,

They are already at your disposal, right within you…

They are your core values.

· These core values are the root beliefs that a person operates from.

· They are the principal perspectives that guide us and our behaviors.

Our core values act as our life-GPS, helping keep us on track. They're the lenses through which you view everything around you.

Unfortunately, many of us ignore or undervalue these guiding principles. They go unexamined until tragedy strikes or life becomes unglued. Significant life events can help (or force) us to re-evaluate what truly matters and identify our core values.

The Journey Of Discovery

As we begin to explore our values, we find that they have been buried under layers of social demands and expectations. Part of our journey involves the rediscovery of these innate and highly personal desires, which have become hidden away unconsciously.

My own journey of exploration really started during a difficult time when I was a single parent raising four children, I realized the importance of understanding my core values. I needed to know what I truly believed in and what was important in order to make decisions for my family's future. I wanted a different outcome than the other women in my family who had also been single parents. Through introspection, I was able to find a solid foundation to stand on.

The Value of Knowing Our Core Values

#1 They Give Stability

Our values come from within.

Having a strong physical core can provide protection for your back, aid in maintaining balance, and offer support for your entire body. Similarly, understanding and honoring our CORE Values can provide stability in our lives in an ever-changing world.

When we use our values to make decisions, we make deliberate choices to focus on what is important to us. This allows us to live without internal conflict (stress) it gives us boldness; our yes is yes, and our no is no.

Sticking to my personal values of creating lasting memories and seeking adventure led me to embrace family outings, vacations, and even international travel. While some of my decisions may have seemed unconventional to others, following my values enabled my children to have incredible experiences.

#2 They Direct Our Steps

Core Values serve as a navigation system to help get us to our destination. They serve as our GPS, guiding us to where we want to go and REDIRECTING when we get off track.

I have a strong passion for learning and consider myself a lifelong learner. Sharing knowledge and providing value to others through teaching is something I truly enjoy. Understanding this about myself has helped me identify the types of jobs that are fulfilling and has allowed me to incorporate learning into my daily life.

It was important for me to instill a love for learning in my children, regardless of their preferred learning styles. This meant I had to understand their individual needs and create unique ways to cultivate their hunger for knowledge.

My core values led me to pursue homeschooling, take educational field trips, and ultimately pursue a career in teaching and equipping children.

When we have a clear vision of who we want to be as a woman, the kind of mother we aspire to become, our business objectives, our personal growth as leaders, and the values we want to instill in our children, our core values will steer us towards our desired destination with confidence and certainty.

#3 They help us make important decisions.

How often do you find yourself struggling to make an important decision? Perhaps it’s a major life decision, such as moving to a new city, switching career paths, or MARRIAGE.

In all seriousness, I cannot fathom entering a marriage without being certain of my core values, nor would I consider marrying someone who is uncertain of theirs. Remarrying is a significant commitment.

My husband and I are seemingly polar opposites:

I like bright, glitter, sparkle, color..

He loves grey, navy, taupe.

I am loud, optimistic, and outgoing.

He prefers quiet, to remain in the background, and is what he calls a realist (pessimistic, in my words)

However, we were both SHOCKED when our premarital assessment indicated how similar we were. We share the same CORE VALUES and have chosen to live from them individually. We both have a strong, stable core identity. These values are what hold us together. When we hit bumps, potholes, and detours, we have the similarity of our values to guide us through turbulent waters.

Your values provide a framework for decision-making that can be relied on instead of defaulting to an emotional state when a difficult decision is needed to be made.

#4 Values contribute to your happiness and success.

People with a high sense of their values can articulate themselves well, and their values align with their personality. They generally have healthier self-esteem than people who don't have a good sense of what their values are.

Being aware of your true current values is extremely beneficial. They are the key to living, leading, and loving with a heart that flourishes.

I've found that when women live, lead, and love from a place of authenticity, they experience an increase in joy and inner peace, make confident decisions, and live abundantly.

My focus as a women's life and leadership coach is to help women unlock their full potential. Together, we explore any obstacles and establish a roadmap to success. To begin this journey, we first delve into core values.

If you are struggling to find your way through the chaos of life, seeking this abundant life, perhaps discovering your core values is your first step.

If you are ready to get started, Schedule a VALUES SESSION with me and discover your stabilizing force within. I'm just a click away.

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