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  • Misty Hughes

Discover How Coaching Helps You Climb Your Mountain

Updated: Jan 29

Many times we want to bore through the mountains; get to the other side of the obstacles in life. I. our #ItalianHoneymoonAdventure, we actually found the tunnels through the mountaians so fascinating, and we were often very thankful for. them.

But, fortunately for me, and our #ItalianHoneymoonAdventure, we didn’ spend our days exploring tunnels or rushing through them to get to the next. Had we spent all of our time traveling on the road, in and out of tunnels, we would have missed out on some of the most spectacular experiences.

We spent multiple days on our trip hiking mountainous coastline terrain, riding bikes through the Roman countryside, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, exploring Tuscany villages, and so much more.


Two of our coastline hikes involved descending over 1500 stairs, and ascending that many, if not more. These hikes took us to steep overlooks and precarious peaks. We captured breathtaking views and at the end of each one, weary, sweaty, and tired, we had the extreme satisfaction of knowing we had done it.

  • We enjoyed picturesque views that not everyone who visits Italy sees,

  • We took our time to venture through mountain cities,

  • We stopped at trail ‘lemonade stands’ for a slush and to pet a pig,

  • We stepped off the beaten path to enjoy a scenic sack-lunch,

  • We enjoyed engaging in meaningful conversation with each other,

  • We experienced the joy of meeting so many others who had opted to take the road less traveled,

  • We embarked on ventures too numerous to list,

  • We experienced events that were unique and special because we dared to climb,

We took our time, stopped to breath in the beauty of the new experience, and gained clarity as we climbed and ventured off the beaten path.


We did choose to prepare. Prior to our trip, we each enjoyed a regular exercise regime, which enabled us to endure steep steps, and twists and turns. My husband even took time and invested in learning a little Italian language.

We carried water bottles, dressed in layers, invested in research, and purchased good footwear that would enable us to walk for miles and miles. We spent hours of preparation, planning, and financial investment to prepare well for our Italian Adventure.

We also had to discuss, decide, and choose our attitude. We knew it wouldn’t be easy, and honestly there were parts of the hike where I wondered if I could make it and I wanted to whine, but I got to choose cheerfulness. I tend to get overwhelmed and overstimulated, and even hangry (yep, that’s a thing). He got to choose how he would respond when I didn’t show up as my best self, and honestly…he learned to laugh at the circumstance and brought me into his joy.


Many of us have been taught that the path of least resistance is the best. Clients often want to ‘bore through the mountain to find the solution, fix the problem, and move on to the next destination. We have become accustomed to the fast lane, and often get frustrated and discouraged when we have to take the long way.




We miss so much by staying on the beaten path, boring through the mountain and rushing through life.

In coaching:

  • Faith muscles are strengthened.

  • Wisdom is developed.

  • Confidence is gained.

  • Clarity is increased.

  • Strength is multiplied.

As a Women’s Strength-based Leadership Coach, I climb mountains and go on precarious hikes with my clients. I have chosen to do the work of preparation and continue to learn, grow, and develop my skills as a coach, enabling me to show up strong for my clients. 

In coaching, my clients:

  • Explore new heights with someone to encourage them along the way,

  • Are challenged to DISCOVER strengths, values, and learn to live, lead, and love with confidence,

  • DEFINE the obstacles that have clouded their view, and opportunities for them to gain the clarity their vision of the road ahead,

  • DEVELOP their own plan of preparation and action for their great adventure of life,

  • Are CELEBRATED for progress, doing the hard, and overcoming limiting beliefs.

Clients learn the value of pressing pause

to reflect on a new awareness,

see a different perspective,

and rest in order to prepare.

If you are ready to see beyond, develop the muscles, grow in wisdom, gain insight, and multiply in strength…

Coaching may be right for you.

Schedule a 30-minute call and let’s explore how coaching can help you Live, Lead, and Love from the Well-spring within and be your BEST in each season of life.

I’d love to help you climb your mountain.

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