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Hopping On The Hoverboard Of Life

We desire to be brave souls;

The land of promise is before us.

However, fears arise,

There are giants in the land of promise,

So we play it safe.

We wander in circles of sameness.


We jump in with both feet.

Learning as we go,

Never making a plan.

Years down the road,

We find ourselves wandering in circles of sameness.

Hopping On The Hoverboard Of Life
Hopping On The Hoverboard Of Life

The task before me seemed daunting, but I was fiercely determined to succeed. Holding onto my husband for balance, I tenderly lifted each foot onto the hoverboard, wobbling and wondering when or if I should let go. As I found my balance, I began to envision myself moving forward, and shocked to discover that what I conceptualized actually happened; I MOVED FORWARD. The ride was magical. I could not explain how I made the thing 'go'; backwards, forward, even spinning in circles. Over the next few days, as my confidence increased, I took hoverboard adventures down the street. I became somewhat masterful (for a 55-year-old woman) at riding the hover board.

"How do you go forward?" neighbors would often inquire.

Honestly, I don't know. Somehow, just thinking about moving forward, or backward, made the hoverboard move in that direction.

Almost 30 years ago, I reluctantly stepped onto the hoverboard of life, searching for something stable to hold on to while I learned to navigate a shaky new season of life. I had an urge to succeed, although the task seemed beyond my natural abilities. As I fought to find my balance, I tried hanging onto the things the world has to offer. But I continued to fall (or fail). Jesus and the various people He brought into my life became a steady support for me as I learned to ride the hoverboard of life.

As I began to balance this new life, I formed a vision for a forward-moving direction I wanted to head. Unfortunately, I didn't have the skills to get there. I yearned to launch 4 children into successful adulthood. I longed to prepare them for healthy relationships with friends and spouses. I didn't know how to craft a plan for something I knew nothing about. I came from a cycle of dysfunctional family dynamics. I did not want my children to wander in circles of sameness of failed relationships, single parenting, infidelity, betrayal, and bitterness that they were inheriting from both parents.

Off I went, taking my family on a crazy journey: sometimes forward, sometimes backward, and often I found we were wandering in the circle of sameness. There were many times the ride took us to unexpected places, or we experienced unwanted painful tumbles. The ride was a thrilling adventure; full of bumps and bruises, laughter and memories. The power of thinking where I wanted to go set our family on a forward-moving course.

The bible says; "Without a vision the people perish.”

Bruce Lee says it another way; “As you think so you are.”

We all have many opportunities to step onto the hover board of life, but the question is, what direction will we go?

Maybe you are in the midst of something new, different, and somewhat unnerving.

Maybe you have been thrust into the new by life circumstances.

Maybe you desire the new but are not sure how to get on board.

To gain forward momentum, you might consider a few of the following questions:

  • Where do I want to be in 5 years?

  • Who is following me on this journey? Who do I have influence over?

  • What kind of people do I want them to be?

    • Is the way I am currently navigating life teaching them the skills I want them to develop?

  • What will I feel if nothing changes (if I choose not to step on this hoverboard)?

  • What will my life look like in 5 years if I continue doing everything the same?

  • When will I take a step and move forward?

  • What will that one step be?

  • Who will I hold onto as a find my balance?

    • Will they move, change direction, change their mind?

    • How will I hold onto them?

No matter where we are on the journey, finding support and resources is vital to gaining ground and moving into the desired dream.

As a life-leadership coach, I have the privilege of helping women find the courage, craft the vision, and develop the strategy for gaining the confidence and stability needed to succeed. Reach out today for a FREE Discovery Call to help determine what your next step might be.

What is keeping you from stepping on the hoverboard of life and moving in the direction you want to go?

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