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  • Misty Hughes

Happy New Year...Starting NOW

I know, I’m a little late in wishing you a Happy New Year…Or am I.

Best Laid Plans

Honesty, my new year did not start off as I had planned. I had a well thought out idea of what the rhythm of life would look like at the changing of the year. I had my goals laid out, my One Word crafted, my objective...I had done the work, planned the plan.

This year, I had captured multiple words that I felt would be guiding principles for the new year. Words like…





I sense that the Father wanted me to more deeply learn how to:







You get the drift. I was going to step back and slowly sink down deep into a new year. I was prepared to step into a steaming hot bubble bath. I could feel the long awaited sigh of contentment building in my soul. I envisioned the tension from the previous year being washed away in the warmth of a new season.

I was READY to be anxious for nothing. I anticipated strong 'leaning' muscles. I was not as prepared as I thought. You know what they say...Pride goes before the fall and perhaps I had developed a sense of pride in all of my planning accomplishments.

I fell...

I fell hard...


The mind of a person plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9 NASB

As 2023 dawned, I found myself caught up in wrapping up 2022 (you know, taking down decorations, cleaning out the old to prepare for the new). I worked to fulfill commitments to family. I got busy putting systems in place to carry me through building a successful business. There was sickness, social life, and just LIFE. I got ‘entangled’ in the cares and chaos of the world. All good, all necessary, but easy to get trapped in the doing.

I found myself easily irritated and striving to keep my heart alive. I have never considered myself anxious but suddenly I was aware that indeed…I do have anxious thoughts. I actually allowed myself to acknowledge these whispers of anxiety.

…this was NOT MY PLAN.

Then you know what I did



ANGRY AT MYSELF for not doing it right the first time.

How Do You Handle Failure?

Well, I decided to practice what I preach…

  • I took a step back (out of my thoughts and frustrated feelings),

  • I quieted my soul by incorporating some of my “Press Pause Moments” strategies,

  • I allowed myself to be aware of my feelings and I cried out to God for help,

  • I listened to podcasts that related to my current state of being,

  • I pulled out some old books that helped me regroup,


February 1st was the beginning of my new year.

Like a large ship changing direction, I realized that I had needed some time to make the turn. January was that in-between space that I needed to begin that turn.

  • I gave myself the freedom to think in this new way.

  • I gave myself grace to fail.

  • I gave myself permission to let God love me in my inadequacy.

So as the new year dawns, I'd like to invite you to join a growing community of grace-filled women who are learning that failure means an opportunity for growth.

You can learn to lean into your BEST ME IN 2023 in our private facebook group where we will share stories of hope, answer questions to move us forward, give ourselves time to process, pray, and practice this thing called GRACE.

Join me as we learn to really LEAN into Him.

Join me as we BE-come the best version of ourselves.

Join me as we tap into His NEW MERCIES and begin again.

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