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  • Misty Hughes

5 R’s for Establishing A Peaceful Holiday Home

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Year after year, I searched high and low to find the “Peace on earth” that was promised by the angelic choir on the night of Jesus’ birth. However, it remained distant, aloof, and seemed unwilling to take up residence in our home. As a single mother raising 4 children, I often wondered if this promise of peace would ever be possible.

Then there were those moments where heaven touched earth, and peace would come for a short visit. A slice of heaven would settle into our home and hearts.

The twinkling of the lights brings a hush over the house as we gather to read a family favorite, “Alabaster’s Song”. We sit in wonder through the pages of the book, we laugh out loud as my oldest son reads the part of Alabaster, lisping the words, “we justht thang”. A Magical Moment of making memories.
Then there is baking day where everyone descends to the kitchen. Avon’s Christmas Album is playing, offering a mixture of Holiday Favorites. Each member of the family is responsible for a different holiday favorite…soon flour is flying, sugar is sweetening, and joy is being stirred in our hearts. Laughter rings through the caverns of my soul…Pure BLISS.

These moments of heaven touching earth didn’t just happen. They started before the holiday

descended. They started with desire, a searching heart, and a cry for ‘peace that passes understanding’ to be established within the walls of our home.

Over the years, that desire blossomed into a Peaceful Holiday Home.

Where It All Begins

Peace starts from within.

Having a peaceful heart and home doesn’t just happen because the holidays dictate the necessity of it, nor because it is promised in the Bible.

The peace that was promised when Christ was born, is not an external peace that happens as we

control the environment around us (in fact, that usually makes for more chaos). The peace that we

are promised comes from within and is not affected by the chaos of the world or the demands of life.

Like all other muscles, this place of peace within us has to be developed, exercised, and given time to grow. We are not without HOPE, which I often felt in the early years of raising children. Our Heavenly Father shows us the way to cultivate the internal well-spring of peace and joy. He gives us the tools and directions for how to build this kingdom of Peace in our hearts and homes.

All These Things Will Be Added

We are told in the word to “Seek Him First” and as we do that, ALL of these things will be added.

What is the ALL?

  • Clothes

  • Food

  • Your life

  • Laboring, striving, stressing to gain

  • Righteousness

  • Peace

  • Joy

What are you SEEKING?

Fill in the blank ___________________

He simply lays out the order…Seek God first.

But how do we actually learn to live this out in a practical way?

How do we live as children of the Prince of Peace and ‘not worry’?

How do we live IN this kingdom and allow this kingdom to live IN us?

How do we cultivate the kingdom of peace within our hearts and homes?

They say the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and NOW.

If you long for the establishment of peace within your home,

Let’s get started TODAY to develop a quiet place within.


This exercise will only take 5 minutes as you get started.

This exercise gives you the opportunity to do all of these things, it brings you into the posture of

seeking Him first.

This exercise is not about asking, crying out to God, or even inviting Him to speak to you…it is about learning to BE STILL and BEING WITH the one who is called Prince of Peace.

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:1

Step #1 RELAX

Find a comfortable, quiet spot, and Be STILL

The word STILL literally means to relax, sink down, let drop, typically speaks of the hands, to cast

down, to let go, (loosen your grip)

Feel your hands get slack, let your shoulders drop, allow yourself to sink down into the chair or floor.

Is there something you are ‘holding on to’? Resentment, unforgiveness, frustration, worry…let it go,

loosen your grip on those things.

Step #2 RECITE

Start with this simple phrase from the bible. “Be still and know that I am God.

Yes, speak it out loud. Let yourself breath in and out as you say these words.

Continue to let go as you speak these words, relaxing more and more.

Step #3 REFLECT (pause and think about it)

After saying the phrase, pause and take a deep breath (or two or three). Allow the words to

reverberate through your soul.


Now, repeat the previous steps, but drop one word off the end…

“Be still and know that I am…”

Again, speak the words out loud, give yourself time to reflect.

Step #5 REPEAT

Keep doing this, dropping of a word each time until you get to BE…

Be sure to reflect and relax as you continue to recite.

As you get to the end, allow the stillness to envelop you.

Sit quietly for a moment and breath in the stillness, waiting on God.

To become all God created us to be…

To become women with an internal source of peace…

To become lead-hers who change the atmosphere because of what has been developed in us…

We must learn first to BE

Knowing Him as God requires stillness.

The word KNOW means to perceive and see, find out and discern, to know by experience, to know by observation, to recognize, admit, acknowledge, confess.

We become what we behold…and in these short intervals of developing stillness, as we look to Him in the space of stillness, we literally become more like Him, we begin to reflect His very nature.

So if you are struggling to find your peace, or want more of it..

Plant seeds of stillness which will grow a harvest of peace within yourself and your home.

If you’d like more ideas on ways to cultivate peace in your heart and ultimately in your home, check out my YouTube Channel for some "Press Pause Moments", which are small snippets to help you Reset, Refocus, and Reconnect your heart with the Father.

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