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Become Your Best ME

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

I know, you are making all kinds of promises to yourself, and maybe even those important people in your life to

  • Be more organized

  • Be present

  • Be confident

  • Be more peaceful (less-stressed)

  • Be more mindful of self-care

  • Be, Be, Be

But what if I said there is a BETTER WAY TO BE and learning the better way can help you Become Your BEST ME?

So what would it look like for you to ‘Become your BEST ME’?

As an aspiring Proverbs 31 woman, I continually strive to be this biblical image of the perfect woman. However, sometimes I forget that this image was painted by a momma for her son. She didn’t say “I’m all of this." She simply said, "Here are the qualities of an excellent wife."

She also did not say, “this woman will arrive on the scene as a finished work.”

So why do we hold that high standard up for ourselves and feel like we will never arrive at being that exceptional woman?

BUT, what if this is an invitation to develop some of these virtues and not a measuring stick to see how much we fail?

As a Strengths Champion Certified Women’s Leadership Coach, I have the privilege of helping women DEVELOP the vision for who they want to BE-come and take the steps to move into that ideal image of who they are created to be.

So, to Become Your BEST ME , what if you focused first on who you want to become and developed the goals and to-do’s around that woman you aspire to be?

This year, I’m putting a new twist on the One Word idea, and helping women develop a BE-coming Vision.

Instead of thinking about what you want to do, we are going to shift and consider who we want to BE-come.

Let’s get started.

I've developed this handy BE-come The Best Me Guidebook.

Download it NOW and let's get started on this journey to BE YOUR BEST ME IN 2023


LOOKING BACK | Reflecting on 2022

BEFORE WE get caught up in the sweeping tide of a new year, it’s important to take a moment and look back. Looking back can give us insight and awareness for where we want to go.

This is a quick look at 2022.

To help guide you through this process, I've created a MUST HAVE GUIDE that will help you craft the vision. This downloadable guide will give you more clarity on each step.


Set your timer for 20 minutes. You don’t want to spend a lot of time on this reflection exercise.

Write out 10 life events from 2022 that impacted you

They can be a trip, an accomplishment, perhaps a big life change. They can be difficult situations like the finality of a divorce, or a death. Or good situations like a promotion, a certification, a birth.


Write out why this event was significant.


Add 3-5 feeling words describing how that event made you FEEL.

Need help coming up with feeling words. Download my Feel Your Feelings Helpful Hints Guide.


Take your reflection time a little deeper. Here are some questions you can consider.

Who or what has inspired me in the last 12 months?

Who or what has challenged me to grow in the last 12 months?

What (or who) has held me back in the last 12 months?

Who or what has been my biggest support in the last 12 months?

How have I grown in the following areas in the last 12 months?

• Spiritually

• Emotionally

• Financially

• Physically

• Relationally (with family or friends)

• Play | Recreation What hidden strength did I uncover in the last 12 months?


What are 3 words that can sum up the last 12 months.


LOOKING FORWARD | BE-come Your Best Me in 2023

If you have spent any length of time with me, you know I am a HUGE believer in the passage, “Without a vision the people wander around in the desert for 40 years and die," which is my personal paraphrase of Proverbs 29:18

“Expectation = Invitation.” ~laurie goddu
“We become what we think about.” ~earl nightengale
“We become what we behold.” ~mike bickle

Anyway, you get the drift.

To BECOME the women God created us to be,

we have to develop a simple vision.

Or die.

Let’s DISCOVER THAT "BE" WORD that will influence

what you do,

what you don’t do,

who you connect with,

who you build relationships with,

how you show up…etc.

This BE word is going to be our guiding light for the next season of life. If we keep it before us, ponder what it looks like in us, dream of ways to BE it, we will end up BE-coming it.



Write a short summary, in present tense about the Lead-Her you are at the end of 2023. Don’t just write what you see yourself doing but how does it FEEL, what do you FEEL. Example

(I am gathered around the table with my family, having just eaten a warm comforting meal, we are preparing to play some games. Before we play games, Craig and I have the opportunity to go around the table and speak a word of encouragement over each person and celebrate one major life achievement for each person) 


List 10-15 character traits that describe this kind of person. Example

Welcoming            Encouraging            Influencing             Hospitable            Loving                Celebratory                Transformational      Safe                  Restorative                Happy                 Joyful                Peaceful
Present             Available               Inviting            


Focus on what you see and how it feels to be that woman you envision.

Are there any other words that come to mind that describe the character traits of this woman you are (in your imagined self at the end of 2023)


Once you have your list of 10-15 words, begin to narrow the list down to just one!

If none of the words fully capture what you are feeling, look at synonyms for the top 4 or 5 words.



Or perhaps you still need a little help...

Don't worry, I gotcha

Just download my FREE Become Your Best Me Guide

You have laid the groundwork to build your BEST ME.

You have developed the vision to move toward.



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