One-On-One Coaching

Through her gift of hospitality, Misty invites you into a safe space to ‘come as you are’ with their challenges, dreams, obstacles, conflicts, and more. In this sacred space, exploration can begin. Misty asks thought-provoking, compelling questions that help open up new possibilities for the client. Through her gifts of listening deeply and reflection, clients begin to hear what they are thinking, process through obstacles and find new pathways into their desired future. 

How It Works:

You will meet bi-monthly with Misty in a 45-minute session via Zoom or in-person. As part of the coaching process, you will have the opportunity to take the CliftonStrengths 2.0 Assessment and work with Misty in reviewing, understanding and developing your top talents into strengths. Together, you and Misty will use the information from this assessment in the three phases of the coaching process. 

Phase I:


During the first three months of the coaching relationship, Misty will work with you to discover more about who you are, your values, strengths, dreams, obstacles, and more. During this time, we will also discover what has kept you from living from the well-spring of life you desire and discover tools for living your best life.

Phase II:


After the journey of discovery, we will begin to define where you are going and who you want to be. We will dive deeper into your talents and develop a strategy for utilizing your innate talents in a way that propels you forward. 

Phase III:


After clearly defining your strengths and vision, we will work on developing some long-term goals and steps to get there. As your coach, Misty will also offer accountability in the development of your strengths on your journey to living and loving from the well-spring of life within.

How To Begin:

It's easy to get started. Simply click on the button below to schedule an introductory meeting with Misty now.