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Virtual Master Mind Groups

Providing Everything You Need To Help You

Embrace Your Transformative Journey

Become Your Best Me FREEBIE.png
Become Your Best Me FREEBIE.png

Become Your Best Me

Each month we will collectively explore a different life skill that will serve as empowering tools to keep you on track. You will gain momentum and move toward your envisioned future. When you find yourself becoming discouraged, or loosing sight of the vision, these life skills will be powerful tools as you "Become Your BEST Me." 

Overcome Overwhelm

4-Month Virtual Master Mind Group

Each session come ready to: 

  • DISCUSS the previous exercises,

  • DISCOVER your limiting beliefs around managing your time,

  • DEFINE the current obstacles and reframe them into opportunities,  

  • DEVELOP your personal next steps,

  • CELEBRATE your wins! 

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Coming Soon
A special 12-week Mastermind

Misty has spent a lifetime crafting a very special Master Mind that will use the wisdom and revelation of Jesus in the Song Of Solomon to busy mompreneurs embrace the process of personal growth, developing their own a transformative journey. This powerful Master Mind will lead you towards living, leading, and loving with a heart that's overflowing with prosperity and abundance.

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