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Women's Well-Spring Workshops

A Strong Line-up Of Transformational Creative Workshops

Empowering Women to Live, Lead, & Love from the


You are invited to the Lead-Her Ministries Women's Well-spring of Life Workshops, where you will receive the tools, support, and education that will enable you to move into your future with confidence and hope, living from a well-spring of abundance.

Learn To Live Out Of The Well-Spring Of Abundance

Our Well-Spring Workshop Series allows women to go through the process to 

DISCOVER the Well-Spring

DEFINE the opportunities

DEVELOP the strategy

To LIVE, LEAD AND LOVE from the Well-Spring of abundance

- Workshop Titles -

DEVELOP The Strategy Live From The Well-Spring Within

DISCOVER The Well-Spring

DEFINE The Opportunities Live From The Well-Spring Within

Workshops are offered as Stand Alone or Weekend Retreat


Presented by Misty Hughes,
Your Coach at Lead-Her Ministries.

Misty Hughes empowers and educates women throughout the world as the CEO of Lead-Her Ministries, LLC, partnering with women who are ready to DISCOVER, DEFINE, and DEVELOP the leader within. Misty believes that every woman is called and created for leadership, and teaches them to develop in self-leadership, mature as a leader of her family, and excel in her other spheres of influence.

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