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What does your BEST ME look like? 

What does it feel like to show up as your BEST ME? 

Do you long for more clarity on who your BEST ME IS

Have you lost sight of the things you wanted to accomplish in 2023? 

Is it difficult to develop a vision for the future? 

Are you wondering if you are growing and developing spiritually?   

Are you frustrated that yet another year is passing and you are no further along on those big dreams you have?

Do you feel fear or get stuck even thinking about what is in your heart and who you want to become because you don't want to fail? 

What if you were able to move forward in the way you envisioned and had the support and clarity you need? 

 Young Woman Contemplating

The Time Is Now

Become Your BEST ME

This 5-Week Lunchtime Master Mind Group will give you

  • the guidance to help you discover your BEST ME. 

  • the tools necessary for staying on course to your BEST ME.

  • the accountability & coaching to develop into your BEST ME. 

Starts Tuesday July 11, 2023 | 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm | Meets Weekly

Finger on the Map

Repeatable guidelines to implement

Life Skills to Exercise

Each week we will collectively explore a different life skill that will serve as empowering tools to keep you on track. You will gain momentum and move toward your envisioned future. When you find yourself becoming discouraged, or loosing sight of the vision, these life skills will be powerful tools as you "Become Your BEST Me." 

Week 1- DISCOVER The Vision


Week 2 - Clarify The Vision

Week 3 - DEFINE the Boundaries


Week 4 - DEVELOP Momentum

Week 5 - Evaluate & Celebrate the Progress

What's In It For You

Small - Group Coaching

For 5-consecutive weeks 

Misty Hughes will facilitate discussion around each of these competencies. Through questions and exercises, you will gain wisdom, ideas, and encouragement from the synergy in the room. 

Personal Lazar Coaching

After you register for the course, you will receive an invitation to schedule One 30-minute Lazar Coaching Session with Misty to empower you to advance with confidence. 

Life Skills Exercises

Each week, Life Skills Exercises will be given to empower you to utilize the skill (or tool) when you feel yourself slipping. We will learn them, exercise them, and build them into our tool belt for Becoming Your Best Me. 

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