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Are You Ready For A Journey Of Transformation? 
You can transform your life through gratitude. 
The Grow In Gratitude Workshop is designed to empower Christian women to deepen their spiritual journey through the powerful practice of gratitude.

What This Workshop Offers


DISCOVER the Spiritual Significance of Gratitude

Explore how gratitude can be a profound and transformative force in your spiritual journey, drawing you closer to God.


DEVELOP your Daily Gratitude Practice 

Learn practical strategies to incorporate gratitude into your daily life, fostering a heart of thankfulness.



30-Day Gratitude Journal

Participants of this workshop will receive a DIGITAL COPY of my 30-Day Guided Gratitude Challenge Journal. 


DEFINE the Obstacles and Opportunities

What are the life challenges that keep you from expressing gratitude? Evaluate what the challenges are that hold you back from expressing gratitude. Learn to focus on the opportunities to strengthen your habit of grateful living. 


Join the 30-Day Gratitude Challenge

Following the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to embark on a 30-day journey of transformation. Each participant will have the chance to join the PRIVATE MASTERMIND GROUP at a discount.


Build a Supportive Community

Engage in meaningful discussions and activities that strengthen the bonds of sisterhood within your group.

Misty is so insightful and full of wisdom. She has a true gift for asking questions and pointing out subtleties that help others find hidden treasures in life that would have otherwise gone undiscovered.


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