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Your Free
Guided Tour

From the beginning, the kind intention of the Father was for us to rest, relax, and be His children…

Learn To
Really Relax

Join Misty Hughes on a guided tour as she outlines a framework for learning to REALLY RELAX. 

Misty will offer biblical teaching, challenge mindsets, and offer tools and ideas to set you on the right course for developing a relaxing lifestyle. 

On this journey, you will receive the link to 3 biblical teachings incorporating questions, examples, and ideas to help you Discover, Define, and Develop your roadmap. 

In addition, you will get a one-page outline with some short reflective exercises that will help you identify your vision, define the obstacles, and commit to the journey. 

What have you got to loose except stress, anxiety, overwhelm and sleep. 


Relaxation is the outcome we are looking for, it is not the actual activity.

Taking time to discover what your current reality is in the ability to really relax is the first step in moving forward on the journey. Misty will guide you step by step through a series of questions that will give you the opportunity to discover your personal vision for relaxation. 

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Whether they look like obstacles or opportunities, you will walk away with the ability to identify and overcome the main things that hinder you from a lifestyle of relaxation. 

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This will be your personal roadmap for your relaxation journey. After you have clarified the destination, identified the possible roadblocks, you will receive some basic tools to set you on the right course for a successful journey to build the ability to really relax. 

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